Quick Start


  1. Please run AFSETUP.EXE and to install files into your selected folder. e.g. C:\Program Files\AFSearch.
  2. In Windows Desktop, Click on the AFSearch ICON to start AFSearch.
  3. As soon as AFSearch laucnhed, you can try to search for the keyword 'AFSEARCH', or 'FAICO'. If you see a search result screen, then you have installed AFSearch successfully!

Creating an Index

By default, AFSearch is distributed with a built index of its help files (including this file). To begin searching your own files, AFSearch first needs to generate an index for all the files that will be used in the searching process.

afsearch index manager

Start File Indexing

  1. Start AFSearch.
  2. Click on [Index Manager] button.
  3. Click the [Add Files to Index] button.
  4. You may now specify which directories you want to add to the index database.
  5. After a folder is selected, you can use the "[Exclude from Index]" box to exclude certain files and sub-folders from indexing.
  6. After you have select and indexed a directory, the [Directory Description] menu will auto popup, which allows you to add a description to the directory you indexed.
  7. Once you have added all the directories you want to your index, you are ready to begin searching.
Use Multiple Index Files
  1. You can either use 1 index file for all your files, or create multiple index files to index different file groups (e.g. use a new index file for each new CD title, or document folder).
  2. To create a new index, simply click the [Create New] button, and then browse to a folder where the index files will be stored.
  3. You can always select the current ACTIVE index, using the [Available Indexes] drop down box.

Searching the Index

 As an application
afsearch cd search engine
  1. Go back to the main screen of AFSearch once you are finished making your indexes.
  2. You are now ready to perform searches!
    - Enter the keywords you wish to search for in the text box under Keyword(s):
    - Click the Start button or hit the Enter key on the keyboard to begin searching.

 As an HTML form
file search form
  1. Click on [TOOLS] -> [Generate HTML Query Form], or the [Search Form] button.
  2. You will see a field selection form, click OK to select all fields
  3. A search form will be opened in your browser, you can perform searches directly in the search form.
  4. For custom projects, you can save this search form, and modified its interface as needed
  5. More about search using HTML form and Frames.
  6. Refer the LocalHost CGI section for more details about LocalHOst CGI mode.

Running the program first time

  1. By default, an index file which indexed all files inside the sub-directory [help] are indexed. You can try to search for keywords such as "afsearch", "HTML" to test the search function.
  2. You can start to index your own files by select the Add To Index menu item.
  3. Select how you want to see the search result via [View | Pass Search Results to].
    AFSearch can display search results
    - in its internal browser
    - in your default browser (shellexecute mode)
    - in MS-Windows browser (MSIE)
    - search using HTML form