• Build indexes of directories and files
  • NEW! Support Multiple Index files -- so you can toggle between different set of indexed files easily!
  • NEW! Use [Exclude Conditions] to easily exclude files/folders from indexing
  • Search for keywords or phrases with blazing speed.
  • support WILDCARDs such as abc*, or abc???.
  • Scan local/network drives or CD-ROM
  • Auto conversion of European symbols
  • Use boolean operators to perform multiple keyword searches.
  • Can limit file size, and file age
  • Generate file summary from files
  • Keyword Highlight function
  • Sort results base on HTML title, File Name, Date and Size
  • Display search results automatically in your favorite web browser.
  • Customizable result header and footer
  • Easy And Seamless Integration Into Your HTML Files With Localhost (Local Cgi-Bin) Mode Support
  • Web Search Engine alike interface

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AFSearch search engine feature highlights:
- Capable of searching Desktop, LAN, CD-ROM, DVD documents.
- NO installation required for easy distribution on CD or USB
- LocalCGI mode for integrated searching within any HTML form.
- Index based, search tens of thousands of documents in seconds.
- All-in-one EXE file, clean and easy.
- Fully customizable (icons, text, app title) with private label options
- English, German, French Interface. Easily adding additional languages.
- Flexible license options, unlimited royalty-free license available (no per-disc or annual fee)
- SPECIAL! Single User License for just $29.
- UNLIMITED Royalty-Free Distribution License for just $299. NO PER CD cost!
- CSV version available for searching ASCII comma delimited csv data files
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Latest version: v9.55

download AFSearch offline cd search engine AFSearch is an index based local keyword search engine for MS-Windows OS environment, for indexing html files and common document files (txt, ascii files) stored in specific directories (folders). PDF files and MS-WORD, EXCEL files are also supported by using of converters (details).

AFSearch enables users toperform fast,powerful, boolean supportedkeyword searches anytime to easily locateneeded documents on desktop, LAN, Memory Stick, and CDROM, with keywords highlighted!

AFSearch supports many file formats, and never alters your original files. The searchable index can then be transferred directly to CD or DVD for distribution. Our low cost and flexible license structure, make AFSearch suitable for projects of all sizes.

Multi-language Interface: The standard AFSearch package comes with English & German language interface.More language interfaces (French, Dutch, Italian etc) can be easily added and supported.

Since its first release in 1997, AFSearch has been used by users all over the world,here is a list of some of our registered users.

[AFSearch in Action -- Case Studies of using AFSearch]

Need to search ASCII database?: Download AFS-CSV edition -- for searching search comma delimited database.

One Step Installation
AFSearch is very easy to install, you can have it up and running with minimal configuration. All you need is a single EXE file. There is no server needs to be configured. AFSearch requires minimal amount of memory and disk space (< 1M full installation!), runs very fast even on a 486 machine.

Easy integration and customizable interface
AFSearch can either work as an application, or runs as a LOCAL-CGI; Which means you can call AFSearch directly from HTML files within your browser, and allow users to perform searchs and output results just as popular online search engines.

Distribution Friendly
AFSearch is LAN and CDROM friendly - The searchable database created by AFSearch can be easily distributed to other users on CDROM or via LAN access.

CD-ROM, EBook Publishers and HyperTextauthors can provide this tool to theirreaders to provide convenient data retrievaland content searching functions.Readers may then perform index searchfor keywords or phrases at lightning speedand have the results displayed withsummaries in their default web browser.

Multi-language interface (German, French, Italian etc) available on request.Please contact us for details.

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Since its first release in 1997, AFSearch has been used by users all over the world for easyfile searching and CDROM publishing.
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You can register AFSearchonline with credit card, or by using our TOLL Freenumber.Royalty-free version available for unlimited distribution [pricing details].

License Details for AFSearch offline cd-rom search engine

AFSetup.EXE (2.04MB, Auto Install)
download afsearch cd-rom search engineServer 1 | Server 2

Or download from:
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New: AFSearch-CSV
Designed for searchingCSV (Comma Delimited) database files. It supports singlefile search, folder search (search all CSV files within afolder). And supports searching of multiple field values.Details here.

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