Baidu search engine review

With a 4th-place position in the global search engine market, Baidu is the primary search engine in China and one of the world’s leading search engines.

Baidu’s website optimization

In the same way that optimizing a website for Yandex search results is different from optimizing it for Google, Baidu SEO work must take into account a few of Yandex’s unique features, the most important of which are:

    • Keywords. When selecting keywords, there are a few things to consider. For instance, in China, it is customary to divide the CS into short (two to three hieroglyphs) and long (four or more hieroglyphs), in contrast to the division of requests into HF, MF, and LF. As a result, while promotion for long queries is relatively straightforward, promotion for short queries is the most valuable and challenging.
    • Content. The uniqueness of content is very important to the Chinese search giant. Not only do strict requirements prevent “copy-pasting” by excluding such pages from the search base, but they also prohibit the site entirely.
    • Baidu may not take into account robots.txt, including pages and sections of the website that are forbidden by the document’s rules.
    • Vertical lookup. In its SERP, this search engine ranks vertical search results highly: In the search results, links to other company projects take up the top spots.
    • Rankings benefit somewhat from external links. This is especially true for links that originate from Baidu’s services, like the forum. Even professional Chinese optimizers have a saying about this: Backlinks are king, but the content is king.
    • Speed of indexing. Similar to Yandex, Baidu indexes site pages and external links much more slowly than Google does.
    • JavaScript and Flash Although Google and Yandex can index Flash content to some extent, Baidu does not index Flash at all.

Factors of trust

When it comes to purchasing the same product or service, Chinese consumers are known to trust larger, more established businesses. Small businesses can overcome this distrust of large corporations by lowering the prices of their products and services. This was demonstrated by Baidu in their results, which included the following badges, which represented the company’s “trust factor”.

The ranking is much better for businesses that are linked to well-known, reputable websites. This is what Baidu does on the basis that if an authoritative website X links to a business website Y, this also shows trust. In Baidu, ratings are shown as V1, V2, or V3. Baidu has its advantages and disadvantages, just like any advertising tool. Baidu is a significant site to start your promotion campaign because it has a large audience, a combination of advertising formats, and connected services.

SE’s domain and Chinese numeral magic

Domains and subdomains are not taken into consideration in search results because, in the eyes of Google, the quality of the content on web pages is much more important. However, you should avoid using subdomains if your objective in Baidu is to get your audience to the most important informational message on the site as quickly as possible. Additionally, the cultural characteristics of Chinese users merit consideration.

A combination of letters and numbers is the best choice for a website name for the Chinese Internet because numbers have a symbolic meaning in China and can encode a whole message. Take, for instance, the cryptic terms “luck,” “love,” “prosperity,” and so on. can significantly assist in attracting attention to your brand.