Special Characters and Multi-language Support

AFSearch offers support for special characters, such as umlauted characters (i.e. ä, ö, ü, etc.).  

AFSearch will convert HTML codes for these special characters i.e. (ä), (ö) (ü) into the appropriate symbol during the indexing process, so that the user can search directly for words and phrases that contain these special symbols.  The search results will also display the corresponding symbol in the search results page.

The list of special characters supported by AFSearch is contained in the file localsearch.sym, or afsearch.sym, and can be edited to suit your particular needs.

If you are interested in AFSearch with different language interface - e.g. German, French, etc. please email us (afsearch@faico.net) for details. For a quick start, you can check the file localsearch.lgv. You can edit that file, translate the English text to your own language; And you will see AFSearch auto updated with your translated string.