LocalHost (CGI) Mode

AFSearch's built-in LocalHost mode allows it's powerful search features to be seamlessly integrated into your HTML files -- and allow your users to search directly within MSIE or their default browser, as simple as if they are perform search on the Internet, without any additional software installation.

This LocalHost mode is useful for a wide range of applications, such as creating a searchable e-book. CD-ROM developers and publishers can also allow their end users to search user manuals, reports and any other articles on the CD-ROM, using MSIE directly without any installation.

local file search - localhost mode In most cases, AFSearch automatically switches on the Localhost mode and you do not need to change any setting.

Keyword Highlight and LocalHost Mode

Localhost mode is used for processing pages for displaying highlighted keywords, and divide results into multiple pages.

You can use [View | Highlight Keyword] to set keyword highlight on/off. When keyword highlight is on, all HTML pages are processed by AFSearch first, and then feed into the browser.

Because the pages are no more directly viewed from its folder, some relative links might fail to work (most should work as AFSearch does path mapping automatically). If you have seen broken links or images in your displayed files, please try set keyword highlight off.

Change LocalHost Port

The default Localhost port on most computers is at, or simply http://localhost:92. On some systems, your network administrator might have change the localhost setting or block certain ports for internal security reasons. In such case you can change the IP and port setting of localhost, by using [Settings | Set Local IP Address].

Localhost Mode with HTML Forms

In order to search using HTML forms inside your web browser, AFSearch must be running in the background with Localhost on mode.

You can use the [Search Form] button to display a search form in your browser, and perform a test search. If the search works, then localhost mode is working correctly on your computer.

For users with multiple users license of AFSearch, you can use AFSearch Host Only version -- afs-host.exe -- to run AFSearch in the taskbar in minimize mode, so user won't have access to AFSearch main window.

To auto launch your HTML files with AFSearch localhost cgi support (such as call from autorun.inf file), you can use the command-line option:

AFSearch.exe -Setlocal:[Filename]

where [filename] is the name of the HTML file you want to open upon launching AFSearch.

Please refer to the Distribution section, regarding distribute AFSearch on CDROM with localhost mode.