Compact Mode

search in compact mode Compact mode can be switched on or off via the View menu.

In compact mode, the AFSearch window is shrinked into a small search box only, without any of the buttons, menu bar and search opitions.

AFSearch in Compact Mode

The [Auto Compact] option, once checked, will automatically shrinking the search window into to a small search box after search.

Customize Search Result Page

AFSearch has a built-in editor allows you to easily customize the header and footer to best suit your needs. You can find it under [TOOLs]->[Customize Result Page Template ].

Some searches will generate a long result page. You can use [Settings | Result Links Displayed Per Page] to display results on multiple pages. The default setting is 10 result links per page.

Keyword Highlight

You can switch on/off keyword highlight via the View menu. You may also set the color of highlight using the [Set Highlight Color] function under the [Settings] menu.

Please note, if you use keyword highlight, AFSearch will auto use localhost mode to perform all searches.