Administrator Options

Administrators have access to special functions within AFSearch.  These functions are accessible through the [Index] and [Settings] menu item.

Administrators have the following options:

PassCode:  Under the Index menu, a password can be set using the Change PassCode menu option.  If you have already selected a password, you will need to enter it before you are allowed to create a new password.  Otherwise, enter your password in the New PassCode field, and confirm it in the Repeat New PassCode field.  Uncheck the Without PassCode box and click OK to activate the password. When the password is enabled, access to administrative functions is time-limited.  You will need to re-enter the password after 20 minutes.

Index Operations:  There were described earlier under Advanced Operation.

[Settings] Menu

Directory Description:  You may add a description to a particular directory entry to help you remember its purpose.  If you did not add a description when you first added the directory to the index, you may add or modify one using the Set Directory Description option under the [Settings] menu.

Directory View:  You may choose to view only the Name of the directory, the Description of the directory, or the Full Path of the directory.

Internet Explorer:  The search capabilities of AFSearch may also be integrated with Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.  Select Add Button from the Help menu for this functionality.  You may later use the Delete Button if you no longer wish to combine AFSearch with Internet Explorer.  Once you choose Add Button, go to Internet Explorer.  Right click on the menu bar and select Customize.  Select AFSearch from the list, and you’re ready to go!

[Tools] Menu

Generate HTML Query Form:  This feature allows you to create a customized search form with the fields you need in HTML format.

Custom Query Form/Result Page:  The built-in editor allows you to customize the header & footer text of the local search query form, as well as the result page, to best suit your needs.  Choose PREVIEW to see how the page would look like, Save from the editor to keep any changes, and Close to return to AFSearch.