Features of AFSearch Full Text Search Engine:
  • Build indexes of directories and files
  • Search for keywords or phrases with blazing speed
  • Scan local/network drives or CD-ROM
  • Auto conversion of European symbols
  • Use boolean operators to perform multiple keyword searches.
  • Can limit file size, and file age
  • Generate file summary from files
  • Keyword Highlight function
  • Sort results base on HTML title, File Name, Date and Size
  • Display search results automatically in your favorite web browser.
  • Customizable result header and footer
  • Easy And Seamless Integration Into Your HTML Files With Localhost (Local Cgi-Bin) Mode Support
  • Web Search Engine alike interface

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AFSearch CSV-Edition is designed for searching CSV (Comma Delimited) database files. It can search files on local drivers, CDROM, or over LAN.

Sample data records supported are:

"John Smith","Wall Street","313-221-2322"

John Smith,"Wall Street",313-221-2322

John Smith,Wall Street,313-221-2322

or combinations of above formats.

Feature HighLights

(1) Search data in a single file or search all data files in a folder

(2) Auto extract available data fields from the first line of CSV file

For example, if first line of CSV file is defined as following:

Search field will be auto displayed as:

(3) Display search results in data grid, or export to separate CSV file


This free trial version has all the functions, and allows a maximum of 10 search per session without any "reminder screen".

All limitations will be removed upon registration. Customization service for private-branded version (with your own logo and product name) can also be provided on request. Please contact us for details.

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